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Stories and Timeline

Story and Timeline


The History of KOTO 

KOTO was founded by Jimmy Pham in 1996. It began as a small sandwich stall in Hanoi’s Old Quarter at the beginning of a period of rapid economic development for Vietnam.


That sandwich shop quickly evolved into a fine dining restaurant beside Hanoi’s Temple of Literature. Fed by a roaring tourist trade, KOTO's Van Mieu Street restaurant went from strength to strength and awards and accolades rolled in.


KOTO’s student numbers increased dramatically and it began to offer study tours, cooking courses, and catering. All of which are still available today.


In 2020, however, like many businesses around the world, KOTO was hit hard by the Coronavirus. As the tourist trade ground came to a halt the Van Mieu restaurant, sadly, became no longer viable and needed to close its doors.


But KOTO’s staff, trainees, and leadership have never backed down from a challenge.


KOTO Villa opened in Hanoi’s Tay Ho district. A French colonial villa, now known for its Australian-inspired brunch scene, it now feeds both Hanoi locals and visitors alike with a range of both local and foreign foods and continues to train some of Vietnam’s most at-risk and disadvantaged youth.



KOTO Timeline
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