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KOTO Van Mieu is our flagship training restaurant, nestled next to the Temple of Literature. For 20 years, we proudly served guests from all around the world and important dignitaries from Bill Clinton and Prime Minister Julia Gillard to Margrethe II of Denmark. 


It all started in 1999 when KOTO’s first training restaurant opened on Van Mieu providing at-risk and disadvantaged youth with an opportunity to break the poverty cycle by forging a better future for themselves, their families and their communities. 

Twenty-three years on, our over 1,300 graduates now include executive and sous chefs, hotel and resort general managers, business owners as well as university graduates. All are contributing to their families and society.

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Experience an Oasis of Charm and the Best Food in Hanoi

Located next to Hanoi's tranquil Temple of Literature, KOTO Van Mieu is charming and elegant. Stepping inside the sleek yet traditional dining space, guests are enveloped by a bustling and thriving place with a welcoming atmosphere. 

A bounty of windows allows natural light to filter in, highlighting the modern accents that mingle seamlessly with traditional architecture. Just beyond lies the patio - the perfect spot to unwind over an expertly crafted meal. 

Our training restaurant promises an atmosphere as mesmerising as the legendary site in which it resides. Here, history and sophistication blend beautifully.

Taste A Symphony of Flavours at Hanoi's Best Vietnamese Restaurant

KOTO Van Mieu is the best Vietnamese restaurant in Hanoi and brings together a delectable array of culinary treasures from across the region for diners to savour. Our menu celebrates our country's rich culinary diversity, showcasing a variety of regional flavours. We use fresh, locally sourced ingredients to bring you the true spirit of authentic local cuisine in every bite.

Signature dishes like crispy spring rolls, smoky BBQ pork with vermicelli noodles (Bun Chả), succulent marinated tiger prawns star alongside vegetarian, seafood and meat options curated from Vietnam's rich culinary traditions. Many specialty dishes reflect our dedication to presentation, elevating flavours and aromas that enable you to experience some of the best food in Hanoi.

Allow our symphony of Vietnamese flavours to transport your palate on a journey across this diverse culinary landscape - one bite at a time. A world of vibrant tastes awaits at KOTO Van Mieu, from Sapa's crisp mountain vegetables to Hanoi's silky phở broths.

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Our Story of Transformation: Looking Beyond the Bite

When looking for the best places to eat in Hanoi, KOTO Van Mieu dining is the place to experience the best food while supporting positive change. As part of our training program, disadvantaged youth are taught culinary and hospitality skills that transform their lives. 

We envision a future where poverty exists only in history books. We see education as the key that can unlock that future. Our team open the doors of opportunity for disadvantaged youth, giving them the training, experience, and support they need to step into promising careers. Our core values - respect, professionalism, love and innovation- are at the heart of everything we do. These principles guide us as we strive to make a meaningful difference in the lives of young people.

Since 1999, our best Vietnamese restaurant in Hanoi has impacted over 1,300 trainees, with many graduates now working internationally. By dining at KOTO Van Mieu Restaurant, guests can delight their palates while helping nurture the potential of youth. The intricate flavours reflect the program's transformative impact - uplifting communities for over two decades. With each bite, savour the stories of growth, skill and dedication that made your meal possible. 

Experience an Unforgettable Service Delivered By Our Professional Staff

The dedicated service team at KOTO Van Mieu Restaurant provides guests a memorable dining experience as authentic as local flavours. Warm, professional and attentive, the servers ensure your meal flows seamlessly from start to finish. 

Multilingual staff cater smoothly to international diners with translations and helpful recommendations. Beyond taking orders and delivering dishes, they aim to create an enriching cultural encounter, sharing insights into Vietnam's captivating history and vibrant food traditions woven into every bite.

From explaining signature dishes and ingredients to suggesting wine pairings that complement each regionally inspired flavour profile - our service crew offers expertise honed from hundreds of hours of intensive hospitality training. 

Ask about the story behind your meal, learn about cultural influences on preparation techniques, and discover the passion that transforms fresh ingredients into delicious dishes. As one of the best Vietnamese Restaurants in Hanoi, you can expect the staff to anticipate your dining needs, offer a glimpse into the region's rich culinary soul, and deliver unforgettable service and exquisite details.

Take Home Memories Engraved in Flavour

More than a dining destination, KOTO Van Mieu offers an experience engraved in the memory. Discover our vibrant cuisine nearby the Temple of Literature's tranquil grounds while supporting youth empowerment for a lasting impact beyond the table.

Allow our symphony of fresh regional flavours, attentive service, and meaningful mission to leave you with an admiration for Vietnam's rich culture and culinary arts. 

Depart with full bellies and hearts, eager to share the story of talent, tradition and transformation tasted in every bite. Book your table today for an unforgettable experience of local cuisine - and be part of empowering its future, one dish at a time. At KOTO Van Mieu, taste buds and consciences alike are satisfied.



Tel: (+84)024 6686 7736
Hotline: (+84)08 6880 3814

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