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If you know one you should teach one

If you know one you should teach one

“KOTO stands for Know One, Teach One and reflects our belief that if you're in a position where you can help someone less fortunate, then you should help them and the greatest thanks you can receive is to one day see that person be in a position to do the same for someone else.” Jimmy Pham – KOTO Founder & Global Ambassador

Training Program

Trainees acquire English language and life skills — as well as valuable hospitality skills — through our wholistic training program,growing in confidence by developing friendships and support networks.


Every six months, we recruit up to 35 street or disadvantaged youths (aged 16-22 years old) who come from extremely difficult life circumstances. 

Training Centre

KOTO Foundation emphasises the social impact that our award-winning training program creates. We achieve a 100% success rate in placing our graduates in their first job in the hospitality industry. 

Upcoming Events

Jan 21, 2016

12:00 PM

Class 13 Welcomed Day

Say Hello to the new traniees from Class 13. They gonna be the new KOTO Trainees who is starting here in the beginning of 2016. They can look forward to 2 years of KOTO training in Hospitality and of course an opportunity to get a better start in life. 

Jul 30, 2016

12:00 PM

Class 15 HCMC Field Trip

The Trainees of Class 15 from Ho Chi Minh City, have been on a field trip. A fantastic experience for these youth to have this opportunity. Many of These young adult have never seen the ocean before. KOTO will thank all who gave us this opporunity to give this to our Trainees.  

May 25, 2016

12:00 PM

Taste of Auckland

We hope you tried their delicious food and had the pleasure of meeting Jimmy and his KOTO students at Taste of Auckland Food Festival. If we hopefully will be back again next year.

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