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If you know one you should teach one

If you know one you should teach one

“KOTO stands for Know One, Teach One and reflects our belief that if you're in a position where you can help someone less fortunate, then you should help them and the greatest thanks you can receive is to one day see that person be in a position to do the same for someone else.” Jimmy Pham – KOTO Founder & Global Ambassador

KOTO Training Program Curriculum

Since 2004, KOTO has been recognised as an extended campus of Box Hill Institute, however, the partnership began in 2002. Established in 1924, Box Hill Institute has a national and international reputation as a provider of quality education, both technical skills as well as formal education. Our trainees graduate with not only the KOTO Certificate, but either a Box Hill Institute Certificate III in Commercial Cookery (SIT30816) or Certificate III in Hospitality (SIT30616), an internationally-recognised hospitality accreditation. 

Thanks to the Box Hill Institute accreditation, KOTO graduates have the opportunity to work worldwide as their Australian qualification is recognised internationally. It also provides KOTO alumni access to other benefits such as the Box Hill Institute alumni program. Box Hill Institute also awards scholarships to KOTO graduates, providing opportunities for our alumni to further their studies in Australia. 


In addition to their hospitality studies, KOTO also provides English language, computer skills and the crucial life skills program to ensure our trainees are not just ‘job-ready’ but empowered to stay off the streets and out of exploitative employment.


It is important to recognise that our trainees are all from disadvantaged and at-risk backgrounds and for most this is their first opportunity to enter a hotel, restaurant or cafe. Many of our trainees represent many of the 54 different ethnic minority backgrounds found in Vietnam and have not had the opportunity to complete their elementary/primary schooling. Consequently, some of our trainees are illiterate and required to study both English language and Vietnamese language concurrently at KOTO.

KOTO has now provided almost 1,000 disadvantaged and at-risk youth in Vietnam with the opportunity to transform their lives and that of their families. Please read some of their stories. Our trainees also have the opportunity to compete in bartending, barista and culinary cooking competitions and many have had success at national, and Hanoi-wide levels. Information can be found here.

To learn more about the programs taught at KOTO please see:

 Box Hill Institute Registered Training Organisation (Australia): 4687 

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