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Social Enterprise Study Tour


SungKyunKwan University -  South Korea, visited KOTO in January 2020

Students from New York University - School of Law, visited KOTO in January 2020

Are you a part of a university, school, or social group that wants to learn something about the development sector AND help make the world a better place at the same time?


Participants in KOTO’s Social Enterprise Study Tour have the opportunity to see and experience the challenges not-for-profit social enterprises go through everyday.


Aimed at student groups, corporates, and individuals working with, or interested in, social enterprise, the tour offers the chance to learn from KOTO’s award-winning model and gain from over twenty-two years of experience.


Learn from one of the best in Vietnam and see first hand what a little vision and a big dream can achieve when you bring the right people and the right idea together.


Whether it’s two hours or one day we can tailor a study tour to meet your needs.


Over the course of two hours or one day we’ll take your group through the ins and outs of how KOTO came to be including a tour of our training center.


You’ll meet our amazing staff and hear firsthand what it takes to train over 100 young Vietnamese in the culinary arts each year.


If you have time, you can also cook and eat with our students in the school canteen, help out in an English class, or join in some extra curricular sports. Our tours can be fully customised to suit your time and budget.


Best of all you’ll be contributing to strengthening the young hearts and minds of some of Vietnam’s most at risk and vulnerable youth. 


So what are you waiting for?



Credit Suisse's volunteers experienced two days social study tour at KOTO in October 2018





Classic tour

Experiential Tour


Training centre

Training centre

 Training restaurant

2 hours

1 day

  • Presentation about KOTO and operating a social enterprise in Vietnam presentation & short film about our trainees.

  • Training centre tour where our trainees live and complete their theory components.

  • Enjoy a drink and snack with ample opportunities to interact with our trainees who love to demonstrate their hospitality skills and meet with guests!

  • Presentation about KOTO and operating a social enterprise in Vietnam & short film about our trainees.

  • Tour of training centre where our trainees live and complete their theory components.

  • Prepare, cook and eat a meal with our trainees in the canteen.

  • Enjoy additional cultural immersions and interactions with our trainees with English class, sports and gardening activities.

*A customised Social Study Tour at KOTO is available for those who seek for different activities. Please contact us at to customise the tour accordingly to your demand.


**If you don’t have enough time to visit our training centre, we can provide presentations to groups who visit and dine at our restaurants. Please make a request when making your booking.

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