Become a Volunteer


Volunteers at KOTO are vital and valuable resources to KOTO operations. Not only do they provide KOTO with skills
of various backgrounds such as culinary, teaching and marketing but they are able to gain a unique experience
working with disadvantaged and at-risk youth who are chasing their dreams.
KOTO wishes to continue providing an opportunity for volunteers to learn and gain valuable skills. The KOTO staff
takes pride in being able to support their volunteers and ensure that their experience is rewarding for them and for
their futures as well as beneficial to the KOTO foundation.


Current volunteer opportunities are available for:

- English teaching assistants ( Detail Information )

- English teacher ( Detail Information )
- Hospitality skills trainers
- Culinary skills trainers
- Social Workers / adolescent psychologists
- Marketing and communications professionals
- Graphic designers
- Event managers
- Management, Governance and Leadership trainers


We are always on the lookout for talented and passionate people to join the KOTO volunteer team. If you have skills
and experience that you think fit with the KOTO mission then please download our Volunteer Application Form and
sent it with your current CV to