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 Meet Our Alumni


Our more than 1, 000 strong graduates now include executive and sous chefs, hotel and resort general managers, business owners as well as university graduates.  All are contributing to their families and society. We invite you to read their stories.

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Mr. Le Van Trieu - Class 6

Hotel Duty Manager

Quest Hotel Serviced Apartment

Echuca, Australia

In 2004, I started at KOTO hoping to graduate with some English language skills and a stable job in the hospitality industry. Little did I know that thanks to KOTO I would end up with a...

Ms. Do Thi Duy Nhat  - Class 23

Nhân viên sale cho bên công ty chuyên chạy quảng cáo

và thiết kế website

Em sinh ra tại Phú Thọ trong một gia đình có Bố , mẹ và 5 chị em gái. Bố của em rất là gia trưởng và hủ tuc, vì thế khi mẹ e chỉ sinh được con gái, Bố em thường xuyên đánh đập mẹ em. Không những vậy bố e còn nghiện ma túy và..                

Ms Nhất K23 HN.jpg

Mr. Dang Dinh Nguyen - Class 14

General Head Chef

Insight Hanoi Travel and Service Joint Stock Company

I have three older siblings who were born with side effects from Agent Orange as my dad was a soldier in the Vietnam war. Accordingly, my siblings were sent to a social protection center for further support. Sadly, my older sister and I...

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