Development two-way street for KOTO & US Peace Corp

KOTO’s ‘know one, teach one’ philosophy was put into action today at Tay Ho’s KOTO Villa when the US Peace Corp stopped by. The team met with KOTO staff and students to discuss the Vietnamese education system and English language curriculum.

“Meeting with KOTO was a fantastic opportunity for Peace Corps Viet Nam to learn from this accomplished and like-minded organization,” said Luis Valadex, Director of Programming and Training at the Peace Corp.

“What was shared with us increased our cultural understanding and knowledge of how to operate effectively and appropriately in Viet Nam, while also connecting us to some great people. We have such admiration and appreciation for KOTO’s work!”

As one of Vietnam’s most successful NGOs, KOTO has a wealth of data and experience. This can prove invaluable to organisations operating in the international development sector to ensure they are geared up for success.

Not only that, but for KOTO staff it can really be an enjoyable experience.

“It’s nice to give back,” said Hanh Hoang, KOTO Foundation Director “Our supporters do so much for us that it’s only right that we help them out where we can.”

Partnerships with international organisations have long been a big part of how KOTO does business. In 2001 KOTO accepted its first tranche of international development assistance and from that point its network of international partners has grown exponentially.

Though development assistance often only flows one way knowledge