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KOTO on Hanoi TV

Thank you Hanoi TV for sharing our story. Meet Do and Mo from Class 34 who are currently halfway through their 24-month program at KOTO.

"The first meal I had at KOTO was my first meal ever with meat. It was the most delicious meal I have had. While eating, I was thinking about my parents. They would be working in the fields, having no rice for a proper meal. Instead, they have to eat corn. Sometimes they don't even have corn... My dream is to work in a bar or as a front of house staff in an upmarket restaurant."

Hờ A Dơ - KOTO trainee class 34.

"My father died when I was young. My mum couldn't cover our costs so I went to SOS. At 18, I had to move out. SOS suggested I apply to KOTO because I didn't have the money to go to university. I was lucky to be accepted at KOTO. I want to be a chef in a big hotel"

Đỗ Thị Mơ - KOTO trainee class 34

"The reason why I came back to KOTO is I appreciate and am thankful to KOTO Founder, Mr Jimmy Pham. He's like a father, a big brother in a family, who gives us a lot of love. He gives us opportunity to change our lives".

Ms Phan Thu Thao - KOTO restaurant supervisor


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