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KOTO Fundraiser 2018 in Hong Kong.

On August 30th, 2018, an event with a family style banquet will be held at Le Garcon Saigon in Hong Kong to raise funds for the KOTO foundation.This is an initiative of Chef Bao, Head Chef at Le Garcon Saigon and Le Petit Saigon, to raise enough funds to sponsor eight KOTO trainees who are in the program now, and after two years, they will become hospitality professionals ready to embrace their lives. Mr. Jimmy Pham will take two KOTO trainee/alumni to participate in this special fundraiser.

At the event, a short film about KOTO trainees will be shown. There is also a wide range of prizes to be auctioned during the event.

All donations will be served to sponsor a two-year training program in the hospitality industry.

To book a ticket, please kindly contact Huong Dang at

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