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As part of the APEC Summit, the Ministry of Education, Open University of Hanoi and Institute of APEC Collaborative Education (IACE) Korea organised the first Edutainment Conference, where Jimmy Pham and KOTO International Partnership and Engagement Manager, Huong Dang were invited as keynote speakers.

The conference committee also launched a social entrepreneurship competition to bring out the potential of students who will be the future change makers in Vietnam.

Jimmy was delighted to share with them his journey of coming back to Vietnam and starting KOTO,“the social enterprise model was still undefined 20 years ago, and it was a challenging journey” Jimmy said, but he encouraged the audience to be persistent, to make mistakes, to learn and stand up again because that is a social entrepreneur’s journey. Huong, provided a different angle, sharing her story of becoming a KOTO trainee. From a street kid to becoming the first Victorian International Student of the Year in 2013,she is now returning the favour to KOTO, the organization she said changed her life. Both Jimmy and Huong’s speeches aimed to empower the young generation of Vietnam to take a leadership role and bring out their entrepreneurial spirit.

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