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Our KOTO ONE Fundraising Gala Dinners were successfully organized in Melbourne at the International of Brighton, in Sydney at the Novotel Central Sydney and in Auckland at Sen Vietnamese Kitchen and Bar. We had hundreds of sponsors, partners, friends, KOTO International board members, and alumni attend. Together as ONE, we raised up to 50,000$ includes Trainee Sponsorships. KOTO ONE concept has been strongly supported by the Vietnamese community in Ho Chi Minh City last year, and this year is the first time we brought it to the world. We are pleased that the events were such great successes and we thank our guests and sponsors for being part of the events and supporting us.

“KOTO is proud to have so many supporters and friends as recently witnessed at the KOTO one events in both Australia and New Zealand. All events we have achieved three objectives; 1. Raise much-needed funds for KOTO, 2. Share the inspiring stories of the graduates and 3. "Together as ONE, we build a global community. Thank you to all involved- without your faith in the KOTO program, your hearts and your continued support - KOTO wouldn't have organized such successful events as we have," Jimmy Pham said

The purpose of these events was not only to raise funds to build our school but also to reach out to sponsors for our trainees. We still have five trainees from class 31 who need sponsorship, if you are in the position to do so, please contact

Thank you all of sponsors for supporting us during the events!

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