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KOTO Graduation Ceremony class 26 & 27

KOTO is proud to have successfully organised the 2017 Graduation Ceremony for Classes 26 and 27, held at the United Nation International School of Hanoi on 10 June 2017.

The 44 bright young people that comprise Classes 26 and 27 have completed a two-year intensive training program and received an internationally accredited Certificate III in Hospitality from Box Hill Institute, Australia.

We are proud to present another 44 employable young adult to the hospitality world, who are ready to empower and inspire the community and live the philosophy of “Know One, Teach One” wherever they go.

We chose the theme “DARE” because it reflects the characteristics of Classes 26 and 27 — they have DARED to change their lives through KOTO. They have DARED to be special, DARED to dream, DARED aspire to something better and DARED to simply be more. They have DARED to be loved and then to give love.

“For the KOTO kids who are still in the program, graduation is motivation. To our supporters – graduation is results. To our donors – it’s an investment into youth development. To our partners – it is reassuring for your future employees and perhaps managers. To the KOTO staff – graduation is emotional goodbyes and good luck. To the parents and guardians – graduation is pride and a promise of a better tomorrow for them and for their child. To me – graduation is about making sure that we have done all that we can to prepare our youth for their tomorrow. Because after all tomorrow is a whole new chapter.”From Jimmy’s Speech at the Graduation Ceremony.

This year’s event is also a celebration of the 15 years of the KOTO and Box Hill Institute partnership and nearly two decades of support from UNIS. An event like this — attended by 500 people and fully sponsored — would have not been possible without our strong supporters. We would like to thank to our major sponsors UNIS, Box Hill Institute, Red Brand Builder, Red Apron, Experian, Ao Dai ABC, Duong Minh English School, VCafe, Pan Pacific, Pots n Pans, Phoenix Flowers, Arim media, Bao Anh Salon and all stakeholders who made this year’s Graduation Ceremony a successful event.

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