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KOTO Hanoi Open Day Class 22 SAPA

At KOTO, we do not just wait for the disadvantaged youth to come to us, we go out to the underprivileged areas to find them and give them chance learning about KOTO.

This year we went to Sapa, a famous tourist destination for many foreigners and Vietnamese, is home to many H’mong people. H’mong people live in Lao Chai, Hau Thao and other villages which are not very far from Sapa Town but it is still very difficult to reach each family, especially those poor families live in remote areas.

The roads on a sunny day already look terrible, can’t imagine how they will look like in monsoon seasons. Tiny houses stand in the middle of nowhere, but inside these houses there are boys and girls who have strived so hard to complete high school and reach further education.

Thanks to Sapa Ochau we had a successful Communication Day in Sapa with more than 40 participants (Sapa Ochau is a social enterprise in Sapa, a home to nearly 30 H’mong kids who is trying to provide basic education and vocational training to H’mong girls and boys so that they don’t become street children in Sapa - ), Home visits trips to villages surrounding Sapa were very memorable. Going down to the lovely Lao Chai valley or climbing up to the grandiose mountains of Hau Thao villages both gave us unforgettable experiences.

No one can imagine how hard and long process it is for KOTO to have the right disadvantaged youth and change their lives. We are now in the process of home visiting and interviewing the candidates and hope to welcome at least 22 kids for class 22 coming to KOTO next month for their new lives.

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