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Front of House Trainer

Mission Statement
To empower at-risk youth to pursue lives of dignity by providing life-skills, training and opportunity.

Vision Statement
As a social enterprise we strive to provide positive change to the lives of street and disadvantaged youth. Our vision is to be increasingly internationally, prominent and successful, allowing us to spread our model to more communities. Wherever there is abandonment, neglect and abuse, we will be there.


Culture Statement
We are a family who cares about all others, and where big smiles bring promise of love, compassion and security. We work hard because we believe we can make a difference. We work hard because we love our organization for all it represents.

Value Statement
KOTO as an organization is built on the values of the individual staff and trainees. Every staff member at KOTO and every trainee reflects the optimism of the group to achieve a positive outcome for disadvantaged youth in its program, through teamwork, compassion and trust.


The staff is dedicated to the shared responsibility of ensuring that the trainees are empowered to take control of their own futures. They will be role models for the trainees by demonstrating their commitment to honesty and fairness.


The trainees will acknowledge their acceptance of the value of “Know One Teach One” by supporting and respecting their fellow trainees in all aspects of KOTO life.

Staff and trainees will show respect for each other and will treat all members of KOTO as equals. They will demonstrate these values to their colleagues and to anyone who comes in contact with KOTO.


Position Description: Front of House Trainer
Department: Training Department
Reporting Structure: Head of Training

Key Working Relations:
          Internal: KOTO Restaurant staff team, Kitchen Trainees, Kitchen Staff team, Kitchen Trainer, English & Life skill trainer and teachers, Trainee Alumni Services
          External: Hospitality Industry partners, hotels and restaurants representatives 
Position statement

This is a Front of house post within the Training Department’s structure which carries with it membership of the Front of house Team. The duties outlined in this job description are additional to the duties outlined for Classroom Teachers. The trainer in Front of house area in which he or she has specific training and competence: the post is expected to plan, organize, and teach in a manner that encourages Trainees development in harmony with the objectives, mission, and values. He or she also promotes and directs successful student learning in keeping with the learning-cantered values and goals of KOTO

The role of a Front of house trainer is to:
     » Support the FOH Senior in raising standards of teaching, learning and attainment throughout the Front of house in line with priorities identified in the Department’s Improvement/Development Plan
     » Assist the FOH Senior to evaluate the impact of all activities relating to improving the quality of teaching and learning; ensuring all daily tasks, and management systems which underpin this, are carried out effectively, on time and in a manner which is clearly understood.
     » Effective training of the Certificate III in Hospitality (Front of house Operations)
     » Actively working with co-teachers to contribute to the overall evaluation processes and outcomes of the trainees
     » To work closely with the FOH Senior, co-teachers, colleagues in the strategic development of the Department & Inclusion KPIs and oversee the day-to-day operation of these priorities with the aim of raising individual achievement.
     » Act as an exemplary role model in all the professional duties expected of a teacher and team leader.

Key areas
     1. Development of Front of house provision
     2. FOH Training and Assessment: Teaching and learning
     3. Front of house is financially secure
     4. Other activities

Areas of responsibility
1. Development of Front of house provision

     » To improve the quality of learning and teaching across all programs of the Box Hill Institute and KOTO
     » Effective monitoring, evaluation and reporting of trainees’ progress in the Hospitality training program by stages.
     » Conducting workplace offsite visits to observe and assess student competence

      » Liaise with working relation partners/other Stakeholders to coordinate their consultation

2. Front of house Training and Assessment

     » The F.O.H trainer to providing Hospitality (Front of House Operations) training through instruction and demonstration of work skills.
     » Strategic development of the required Box Hill TAFE training and adheres to curriculum, assessment result and record keeping requirements.
     » Identifying and adopting the most effective teaching approaches (teaching methods) for trainees
     » Develop innovative recipes and vocational training methodology to improve trainee learning outcomes.
     » Demonstrate beverage skills and beverage production techniques as required.
     » Use the BHI student web and Learning vault on-line training program to support trainees’ learning.
     » Monitoring teaching and learning activities to meet the needs of trainee through:
           - Monitoring of teaching quality and trainee achievement
           - Target setting, including KPIs of Front of house maps
           - Developing a recording system for progress
     » Closely work with supervisors and staffs at the training restaurant to jointly observe, conduct workplace-based hospitality training sessions.
     » Co-ordinate with other departments to ensure continuity of support and learning when practicing/ transferring trainees with internships program period:            embedding Partnership Engagement and Work-Integrated Learning activities in programs, to improve graduates’ work-readiness
     » Undertaking day-to-day co-ordination’ majors through close liaison with teachers, co-workers and external guests/ partners/volunteer for up-to-dated                new trends/innovative ideas

3. Front of house is financially secure

     » Organize ingredient lists for purchase for classes.
     » Ensuring cost sustainability of FOH by controlling budget
     » Develop and control monthly spending plans; manage FOH financial approval requests.

4. Other Activities

     » Participating the new group intake recruitment process of the year
     » Organizing and conducting internal and external competitions , provide advice/assistance to trainees in the preparation accordingly
     » Ability to delegate tasks confidently to the trainees – to monitor and co-ordinate the work tasks/ projects of a team.
     » To perform other duties when required

Key Skills and Knowledge
1. Qualifications / Experience:

     » Previous experience in hospitality training and training assessment

     » Certificate III in Hospitality ( Front of house operation)
     » Certificate IV in Training and Assessment or equivalent (or be willing to study for this accreditation)
     » Certificate in TAELLN411 Address Adult Language, Literacy and Numeracy Skills

2. Well-developed technical skills in the following areas:

     » IT Skills
     » Well-developed communication skills (written and oral) in both Vietnamese and English
     » People Management skills
     » Interpersonal skills
     » Organisational skills
     » Leadership ability
     » Conflict Resolution skills
     » Initiative
     » Planning, problem-solving and time-management skills
     » Understanding of Restaurant & Hotel operations

3. Personal attributes

     » High level of motivation
     » Positive attitude and disposition
     » Passion for KOTO and the development of young people in Vietnam
     » Empathy and understanding
     » Social and cultural awareness
     » Patience
     » Initiative

Deadline/Hạn chót nộp hồ sơ: Until the position has been filled

Our contact details/ thông tin liên lạc: Human resource Department of KOTO - Vietnam
Address/Địa chỉ: KOTO Training center/ TT đào tạo KOTO - 11/670 Hà Huy Tập, Yên Viên, Gia Lâm, Hà Nội.


Interested candidates are invited to send their CV and Cover letter to/Anh chị vui lòng gửi hồ sơ về địa chỉ email sau:
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