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Koto Van Mieu
WE ARE KOTO - The first social enterprise in Vietnam.

Since establishment, we have worked to help people help themselves and help others.
Thousands of underserved lives have been permanently changed for the better. Hundreds
thousands more will be touched as we expand our operation from hospitality training to
various fields including other vocational teachings, gender equality, and environmental impact.

We are different not because we claim to be the best in what we do, but we effortlessly
want to go beyond the expectation of our stakeholders and have you say: “Wow, they are
great!”. We aim to become 100% self-sustained, and this is highly achievable thanks to our
track record of excellent performance and bringing values.

Those we serve are organizations & corporations (be them governmental or non-
governmental, profit or non profit) and individuals who trust in us and share the same vision of making the world more inclusive.

We provide positive, permanent change for at-risk and disadvantaged youth in a 2 year hospitality training programme that incorporates both vocation training and life skills. Graduates receive an internationally recognised accreditation from Australia’s Box Hill Institute and go on to lead long and rewarding careers in the hospitality industry.

But KOTO couldn’t do it without supporters like you.
100% thanh cong trang
12 nuoc trang
40 kinh doanh trang
20 hoc bong trang
KOTO via numbers
Koto Van Mieuac


KOTO wouldn't be able to offer hospitality training to impoverished youth without vital funding and partnerships. There are a number of ways you can support our mission...

Are you starting an F&B venture in Vietnam?


KOTO is always looking for social investors to partner with. You can benefit from our expertise to bring your social start-up to fruition.

A regular contribution of $150 will dramatically change the future of an at-risk child.


Your investment will provide education, healthcare, food and shelter. Basic human rights that these children don't currently have.

Volunteers are invaluable assets to our success.


Do you have free time and a desire to positively impact the lives of others? Your skills and compassion won't go to waste with us!

Koto Van Mieu Staff
You too can help to break the poverty cycle.
Get involved


Koto Van Mieu Staff

Thao, Class 1

At 13, Thao was subjected to work enduring days selling postcards 7 days a week. She earnt just enough money for food and other basic living expenses.

Read how KOTO impacted Thao's life...

Koto Van Mieu Staff

Truong, Class 9

Truong was forced to leave school at 16. His father was sick which meant Truong was left to provide financial support to his family.
However, all Truong really wanted was a bicycle...

Koto Van Mieu Staff

Nga, Class 3

Nga dropped out of high school at the age of 13 to work full time as a candle maker. Her father had disappeared years before, and she was left alone with her mother to get by as best they could. 

Find out how far Nga has come since then


Meet the trainees


Our Partners
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