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Taste the Story: Ngoc from Class 35.

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

Ngoc was born in a small village in Lai Chau, Northwest of Vietnam. She comes from the Giáy minority; one of the most ancient ethnic groups in Vietnam. Ngoc’s father passed away when she was in 7th grade, leaving all the burden of supporting a family on Ngoc's mother. Following cultural tradition, Ngoc would have gotten married and worked on a farm from the age of 20 as there were no avenues for vocational training or work. That is until she found out about KOTO.

Ngoc’s life changed when she came to KOTO in May 2019. She joined KOTO class 35 and chose to study Front of House and is now only two months away from her graduation ceremony!

“Before coming to KOTO, I was very shy and felt quite vulnerable. I didn't even know how to express myself. My very first impression when I joined KOTO was this is a true family where everyone cares about one another, the staff and trainees are extremely friendly and helpful. I knew right away that I had landed in the right place. I started to improve my communication skills and made a great effort to learn new skills. My most favourite subject is 'Life Skills' as it incredibly helps my personal development”.

Ngoc is one of the shining stars at KOTO. When she was awarded Trainee of the Year in 2020, she burst into tears with happiness for she had never expected such recognition.

“My dream is to work in a five-star hotel and make my way to become an English teacher to teach the kids in my village, as a living example of the Know One, Teach One philosophy. Substance abuse is common in my village and I think education could help raise awareness in my community. I dream of the day too that I can take my mother and my grandmother on holiday as a tribute for what they have sacrificed to give me a better future”.

Be the change you want to see in this world by sponsoring someone in the same position as Ngoc. To sponsor a trainee:

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