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New classroom for the trainees from the Alfresco's Group

Last month the Alfresco's Group kindly sponsored a classroom as part of the renovations to the KOTO training centre in Yen Vien. The Alfresco's Group has donated a total of 50,000,000 VNĐ which has allowed us to set up our 'Alfresco's Classroom'. The donation went towards students desks and chairs, a teachers desk and chair, a new data projector, a new Air conditioning unit, a glass white board, flooring, painting and decorating of the room.

This has made a huge difference to our training centre and to the experience for the trainees while learning at the centre with facilities in the the room being set up with the latest equipment and furniture.

In the coming months Alfresco's group representatives will visit the training centre and meet with trainees to share knowledge and information about their organisation. KOTO trainees will have the opportunity to do work experience and also apply to work at the Alfresco's group restaurants now this relationship has begun. KOTO and Alfresco's have signed a 3 year MOU which ensures our ongoing relationship in the future.

Here are some sneak peak photos of this wonderful classroom:

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