Taste the Stories


KOTO Culture

Everyone has a story. Don’t simply listen to it, let’s taste it!


The Taste the Stories Fundraising event took place on June 17th 2015 at the "Moonee Valley Legend” in Melbourne


As a social enterprise that has created a positive change to the lives of more than 670 street and disadvantaged youths over 10 years, KOTO wanted to hold an event to fund the building of a training center in Ho Chi Minh City to assist abandoned Vietnamese youth in having a better start to their working lives.


KOTO also took this opportunity to raise awareness about social enterprises in Vietnam, showcasing the KOTO model and  the KOTO Graduates' many success stories.


Hunters completely tasted KOTO’s story. We were grateful to be in charge of creating the whole theme for this event from the general concept to every detailed piece of design. Exceeding our expectations, the Taste the Stories event raised more than 2 billion VND and had a huge impact on the community.