“If you can’t feed a hundred of people, then just feed one” - Mother Teresa. 


Our online concert fundraising event,  “Ăn Cơm Chưa” aims to nourish your soul through classical music and acoustic performances by award winning performers, pianists and singers. We wholeheartedly invite you to join us on the 4th of September, 2021 to this one-of-a-kind event. 


The theme of our event is “Ăn Cơm Trưa - Have you eaten?”. In Vietnamese culture, we show our care and love to one another by asking a friendly question “Have you eaten?”. Meal time is significant to us because it truly is the bonding time between close friends and family members. With lockdown upon us, we want to bring back the intimacy and positive energy of shared meals through music. 


Pre COVID-19, we were known as a busy restaurant in the most iconic tourist area - the Temple of the Literature. We were always filled with friendly tourists which helped us generate an income to cover 50% of our operating costs. We also had the privilege to host in-person fundraising events both internationally and locally. Now, with all of those privileges gone, we still have our trainees to look after 24/7 and we still need your help. 


We hope the event will raise up to 500,000,000vnd and that will help us provide 35,000 nutritious meals for 100 trainees for the next 4 months and eventually, help us get through this pandemic. We can be sure that any trainee at KOTO will respond:


 “I have eaten”. 


Event details:

Time: 20:00 PM 

Date: Saturday, September 4, 2021

Where: KOTO Facebook Live and Youtube Live 


To donate, please kindly deposit to our bank below

Bank Name: TECHCOMBANK Hanoi 

Account name: CÔNG TY TNHH KOTO 

Account number: 11120984212019


**Description: Donate to An Com Chua event")

We would like to thank our wonderful sponsors:


Dong Quang Vinh - Conductor, Founder of Hanoi Voices Choir and Suc Song Moi. 

Clair Shuanghua Mo - Pianist 

Trang Trinh - Pianist 

My Linh - Singer 

Trong Khuong - Singer

KOTO Culture