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Senior Executive – Partnerships and Engagement


Department: Marketing and Partnerships Engagement Department


Reporting Structure:  This position reports directly to the Director of Marketing and Partnerships Engagement


Key Working Relations:

       Internal: KOTO trainees and all KOTO staff.

       External: Industry partners, sponsors and community service providers.


Key Responsibilities:

  • Build and maintain relationships with existing partners: Initiate and maintain contacts with funders, joint venture, corporate partners and universities/schools.

  • Lead and manage Social Enterprise Study Tour: Work with universities, schools and corporates to deliver the presentation and facilitate Social Enterprise Study Tour.

  • Engagements: Participate in workshops and events that can increase engagements with external stakeholders.

  • Report: Ensure revenue from Social Study Tour is well reported and allocated to different projects. Make sure big grants/fund are well reported to funders and grantors.

  • Monitor two-way communication: Provide a high level of communication with funders/external stakeholders.

  • Media and Marketing: Host media partners in KOTO Hanoi when it comes to media activities.

  • Internal liaison: As required, assist other team members when events are being organised.

  • Self: Manage self to maximise results.

  • Values & Ethos: Uphold the values of KOTO.


Key Skills and Knowledge:

  • Ability to identify potential funders and partners.

  • Report writing and analytical skills.

  • Highly self-motivated with the ability to work independently but also excellent teamwork spirit.

  • Project management.

  • Ability to meet and exceed financial targets set by the management team.

  • Ability to provide a high level of communication to external stakeholders.

  • High level of time management and tasks prioritising skills.


Qualifications / Experience:

  • A relevant tertiary qualification in Sales & Marketing, Business and Commerce, International Relations.

  • Minimum two-year- experience in a sales, business development (NGO or social enterprise experience preferred).

  • Relationship management experience to ensure the requirements of both KOTO and its partners are delivered.


Well-developed technical skills in the following areas:

  • IT Skills (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, AI, Photoshop).

  • Videographer/Photographer skills (Preferrable).

  • Well-developed communication skills (written and oral) in both Vietnamese and English.


Personal attributes:

  • High level of responsibility

  • Positive attitude

  • Creative and innovative

  • Passionate in social enterprise model


Deadline: Until the position has been filled


Our contact details:
Human resource Department of KOTO - Vietnam
Address: KOTO Training center - 11/670 Hà Huy Tập, Yên Viên, Gia Lâm, Hà Nội.

Interested candidates are invited to send their CV and Cover letter to &
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