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Coffee stains on tablecloths are a real nuisance for everyone. If you're clearing the table and notice coffee stains situation, don't simply toss your table linens in the washer and hope for the best. The chances of successfully removing a stain go down after the first laundering, so use a professional approach.Even if it has chocolate stains or red wine can be kept looking their best by washing, ironing, and storing them correctly.


Start by knowing exactly what material your table linens are. Some are meant to be hand washed only, and laid flat to dry. However, some materials like cotton and linen are machine washable in cold water on a gentle cycle.

STEP 2.Choose the Wash Cycle and Water Temperature

Cotton table linen, especially those made from synthetic fabrics, should be washed using the permanent press cycle. This setting usually ends with a cool water rinse that can lessen wrinkles.

Cold or hot water? It's a divisive topic, and there's not a truly correct answer. Hot water can be the best approach for some stains, such as ink, coffee and wine. However, if it is meat, fat or blood it is recommended to use cold water.

STEP 3.Use the Right Detergent

Fabric softener is recommended, as it can coat fibers and prevent stains from setting in at your next gathering.

If you're going to wash cotton tablecloth, we recommend using a gentle detergent on this natural fiber.

STEP 4.Dry Your tablecloth

When you take the tablecloth out of the washing machine, give each piece a good shake to remove wrinkles.Before placing in the dryer, check to make sure all stains have been washed away. The high heat of the dryer will make stain removal more difficult. Remove table linens as soon as the cycle ends to avoid excessive wrinkling. The linen should be removed immediately and folded in the way you wish to crease it. If desired, it can be ironed directly before use.

After you've washed and dried your table linens, it's time to store them until use. A cool, ventilated closet is best for storage, and will prevent musty odors and wrinkles. Every few months, refold and rearrange linens to prevent creases and wrinkles.

With a little know-how and a whole lot of cold water, even the most notoriously tricky stains can be shown the door.By following the above expert advice, you will be able to give your tablecloth a new look.

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