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Internship at the Intercontinental Hotel

In March, KOTO's first class of the 6-month Her Turn Program completed their studies. Through KOTO's partnership with the Intercontinental Hotel Westlake Hanoi, the class was presented with an optional 3-month internship. 17 of the 22 women chose to participate in the internship and 5 women began employment upon completing the KOTO Program.

It has been extremely special to see the confidence growth each of the trainees has had over the past 6 months. Having seen how hard these women studied and worked during their 6-month program at KOTO, it is so great to see each of them in their Intercontinental Hotel uniforms applying their skills in a 5-star hotel environment.

After the 3-month internship, with KOTO's support, the class will begin full-time employment in various hospitality venues across Vietnam.



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