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Her Turn Class 7 Orientation

On the 3rd of April, 19 women began their 6-month vocational training program at KOTO. Over the next 6 months, they will undertake vocational training (Hospitality Front of House or Commercial Cookery), English language courses, digital literacy skills, a life skills program and entrepreneurship training. During the orientation period, the group experienced a range of front-of-house and back-of-house classes in order to determine which major they wish to study. 10 women have chosen to major in Back of House Commercial Cookery and 9 women have chosen to major in Front of House Hospitality.

Her Turn Class 7 also visited the Intercontinental Hanoi Westlake Hotel to experience and see one of the finest hospitality venues in Hanoi. Her Turn Class 6 is currently undertaking a 3-month internship at the hotel and it was a wonderful opportunity for women at the end of their studies to interact with the new group of women beginning their studies.

KOTO feels extremely proud to host these wonderful women for the next 6-months and cannot wait to see their achievements.



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