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Check in with Class 35

As you may know, our beloved Class 35 have been completing internships in Phu Quoc working in 5-star hotels, Fusion Resort and New World Phu Quoc Resort to increase their hospitality skills before they graduate.

Class 35 was with us through the best and worst of the pandemic, including the closure of our Van Mieu restaurant and of course, the opening of KOTO Villa!

We thought we’d share some updates from one of our trainees, Phương, who is currently working at New World Resort.

“I just finished my one month of training and we only just opened this past May! I find that everything is quite similar to KOTO. It’s the same sequence of service that I learned at KOTO so nothing is too surprising actually. I really like that I get to live near the beach! Phu Quoc has some very pretty sunsets so when I’m not working I like to go and watch and I take so many photos. I love being in Phu Quoc but I miss my other friends at KOTO so much!”

We've no doubt Phương is taking oh-so-many photos of sunsets and we can't wait to see her back in Hanoi for graduation!

Want to make a difference in the life of a trainee? Contact us today to find out how.



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