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Backpacking in Vietnam leads to a life-changing experience at KOTO

Updated: Apr 23

At KOTO, volunteers run through our veins. We are grateful for the work they provide, and the dreams they help come true. The “know one, teach one” job is never done at KOTO, and these volunteers make every effort to continue and master the process.

This week, KOTO said goodbye to another treasured volunteer, Kyle, pictured below. Kyle discovered KOTO whilst backpacking throughout Vietnam. He signed up for one of KOTO’s world-famous cooking classes, and discovering KOTO’s values are shared with his own, he enquired about volunteering.

Kyle – back row centre - along with a few kitchen trainee’s from class 26 Ha Noi

After contacting the Ha Noi Training Centre, Kyle was offered the opportunity to volunteer for three months, using the skills he had learnt by managing several successful restaurants back in the United States, where he is from. During his time at KOTO he was able to teach trainees in their classes, as well as work alongside them in their vocational programmes. A highlight, he says, was simply joining KOTO trainees for dinner and tea.

“It is certain that so many of them will be in my thoughts forever. I am proud to have been a small part of the truly life-changing experience KOTO offers,” said Kyle, reflecting on his time.

KOTO staff and students alike are grateful to Kyle for his time and experience bring all that he could to help build the dreams all that walk through the doors of KOTO.

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