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Volunteers at KOTO are vital and valuable resources to KOTO operations. Not only do they provide KOTO with skills of various backgrounds such as culinary, teaching and marketing but they are able to gain a unique experience working with disadvantaged and at-risk youth who are chasing their dreams.


KOTO wishes to continue providing an opportunity for volunteers to learn and gain valuable skills. The KOTO staff takes pride in being able to support their volunteers and ensure that their experience is rewarding for them and for their futures as well as beneficial to the KOTO foundation.


Grace Cho, a Macquarie University student from Sydney, Australia, joined KOTO in early January 2016 as part of her studies. Coming from a marketing background she has been able to use her knowledge and skills to assist the marketing department with public relation events, the organization of staff events as well as creating content for social media and the KOTO website.


“It is such an awesome experience being able to convert my theoretical skills that I have learnt back home into something practical. KOTO has provided me with endless opportunities to learn and further my knowledge about the operations of a marketing team as part of an NGO. My experience at KOTO will be something I will remember for years to come and I am thankful for KOTO’s staff who supported me on this journey.”


Steph Goodman, a psychology and education student, also from Sydney, joined KOTO's welfare department and took part in an experience unlike any available in Australia. As a student, being part of KOTO means you will participate in projects that not only make use of your skills but also make for a learning experience that cannot be recreated in a traditional classroom environment.


“The departments I worked in entrusted so much faith in my abilities. I was provided ample support and the staff I worked with were wonderful in making sure I was on track, comfortable with the work and answered all my questions. I knew that it was going to be a fantastic learning experience, but I completely underestimated how much I would learn. I am so grateful for the opportunity I had to work alongside the wonderful KOTO team”


Without volunteers, our resources would be stretched and limited. For this reason we strive to offer our volunteers the skills and training necessary to ensure that they have a valuable and rewarding experience here at KOTO.


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