Training Program

KOTO's award-winning, holistic training program has achieved a 100% success rate in placing our graduates in their first job in the hospitality industry. Our training program is the combination of hospitality expertise, English and personal development with skills acquisition.








Trainees become better educated through our hospitality training and English programs, acquire key skills with our life skills workshops, and grow in confidence by developing friendships and support networks. Especially, a unique aspect of our program is about life skills workshops, which include topics on healthy living, personal hygiene, anger management, personal financial budgeting, sex education, first aid, communication, and interpersonal skills. Trainees often start off as unskilled, insecure individuals with low self-esteem, and slowly transform as they train and live with us. Being more ‘well rounded’ (possessing both personal and professional skills), our trainees become responsible, employable, self-sustainable young people, who can realise their full potential.

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Front of House Class


Kitchen Class

Kitchen Class


1 - 3 MONTHS

3 - 12 MONTHS

  • Orientation

  • Core Subjects

  • Introduction to Hospitality Industry

  • Introduction to life skills

  • Basic English

  • Basic computer skills

  • Health checks & vaccinations

  • Extracurricular activities/sports

  • Front of House (FOH) or Kitchen Training

  • English for Restaurant

  • Life skills

  • Training at the restaurant

  • Extracurricular activities/sports  

12 - 18 MONTHS

  • Communicative English

  • Life skills

  • Training at the Restaurant

  • Extracurricular activities/sports

  • Mentoring program

  • Community services

  • Green Project Program

  • Advanced FOH Training

  • Coach others in Job skills

  • Communications

  • Alcoholic beverages

  • Advanced coffee

  • Bar operations

  • Marketing

  • Advanced Kitchen Training

  • Fine Dining Presentation

  • International cuisine

18 - 24 MONTHS

  • Training at the restaurant

  • Special workshops

  • Extracurricular activities/sports

  • Work experience program  (Hotels 2 months internal rotation, 1-month free-standing restaurant)

  • English - Job research skills

  • Job placement​