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Good Food, Great Cause

KOTO Van Mieu - our Training Restaurant in Hanoi serves as a professional platform for KOTO Trainees to fine-tune their skills in hospitality services and culinary arts, while at the same time providing guests with warm and charming venues to enjoy fantastic food and service.

Our Food

We’re always one step ahead, keeping an eye out for new food trends from around the world. Our ingredients, including garden-fresh vegetables, high-quality dairy products and prime meat and fish combined with superior spices, are always the best in town.
Passion and out-of-the-box thinking are the driving forces in our kitchen. Our Training Restaurants are well-known for their spot-on mix of traditional Vietnamese, South-East Asian and Western cuisine.

KOTO Van Mieu



Our flagship restaurant, KOTO Van Mieu, is located a stone’s throw away from one of Hanoi's most popular tourist destinations, the Temple of Literature.


KOTO Van Mieu has served guests from all over the world and has been pivotal in spreading worldwide recognition of KOTO's mission to provide hospitality and life skills to disadvantaged youth in Vietnam.

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The first floor is the ideal place to meet friends or business associates. With its full range of drinks and KOTO’s selection of cocktails and smoothies, our bar offers an alternative haven in which to escape the hustle of Hanoi’s busy streets. And of course, free Wifi!

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The Shop corner located also in the first floor, is a ideal place to display and sell our partners' merchandises, such as Hope Box, and of course KOTO's beloved items. Not only to support a great cause, but our dear tourists can also choose a high quality and unique cultured gifts to bring a small piece of Vietnam back home! 


Stay tuned for more updates on our Roof Top bar!

Visit our restaurant


35 Van Mieu, Dong Da, Hanoi, Vietnam


Tel:      (+84) 024 6686 7736

Hotline: (+84) 08 6880 3814

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