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Digital and Communication Executive


KOTO | Know one, teach one

Mission Statement

To empower at-risk youth to pursue lives of dignity by providing life-skills, training and opportunity.

Vision Statement

As a social enterprise we strive to provide positive permanent change for at-risk and disadvantaged youth through the transformative power of social enterprise.

Culture Statement

We are a family who cares about all others, and where big smiles bring promise of love, compassion and security. We work hard because we believe we can make a difference. We work hard because we love our organization for all it represents.

Value Statement

KOTO is built on shared family values between staff, trainees and alumni. This creates the synergy necessary to deliver effective and meaningful training and livelihood creation for at-risk and disadvantaged youth by staff that are committed to—and believe in—the project and the need to engage youth in society. The KOTO philosophy is ingrained in our name: Know one, teach one and is the underlying principle behind our expectations of staff, trainees and alumni. Staff, trainees and alumni will show and practice respect and dignity for one another, and our donors, partners and supporters.

We believe in a just environment for all who come into contact with KOTO. We are deeply committed to excellence and taking pride in our work and mission. We also believe in and practice the following values:

Justice – Community – Respect – Teamwork – Performance


Position Title:

Digital and Communication Executive

Reporting Structure:    

This position reports directly to the Head of Marcom

Key Working Relations:                                        _                                         

Internal:  Trainees, Trainers, Operation staff and all KOTO staff

External:  Service providers and community service partners.


Digital and Communication Executive will carry and perform the following responsibilities:


Marketing and Communications

  • Coordinate and prepare content in Vietnamese for KOTO marketing and event activities in a timely manner

  • Develop and execute the strategic plan for our social media channels to communicate our key messages across the KOTO Enterprise and Foundation  activities and manage internal expectations of how the digital platforms can be used

  • Build and help manage media databases locally and communicate key events/activities to media to raise profile of KOTO

  • Assist with the monthly Newsletter distribution

  • Host local media partners and ensure our key messages are communicated appropriately

  • Assist in creating marketing and communication plans/activities for any events/campaign related to Marcom

  • Work with KOTO departments to assist with key activities such as Winter Appeal and Dream Trip to support their sponsorship proposals and communications activities

  • Support the Trainee Sponsorship program, particularly in developing communications to raise awareness of the Dream Maker program and the creation of videos to fulfill our corporate sponsorship commitments or to develop new corporate sponsorships

  • Others tasks assigned by Head of Marcom


Events Management

  • Develop a coordinated event management plan to leverage key partners, suppliers and sponsors alongside a marketing and communications strategy to leverage maximum support for the activity/event to ensure fundraising is maximized.

  • Ensure database of customers and sponsors is maintained and up to date ready for the execution phase of the events

  • Work directly with external stakeholders to seek event sponsorship, financial and in-kind support, publicity for our events/activities both locally and internationally.

  • Suggest activities/events that will attract new markets and opportunities and funds for KOTO

  • Prepare supplier contracts for any purchases within the operation of the events.

  • Prepare and execute organizational tasks and logistics prior to and after the event including, but not limited to, resource allocations, risk management, financial management and outcome evaluations.

  • Initiate and maintain regular contact with event sponsors and donors to build positive and mutually-beneficial relationships leading to ongoing support.

  • Maintain strict adherence of budget allocation and remind the entire KOTO team of need to operate within the budget and be abreast of KOTO fundraising targets to ensure they are achieved.

  • Create a culture of support within KOTO for assistance with event organization

  • Identify opportunities to KOTO to be the beneficiary of corporate charity events.

  • Ensure all post-event activities are conducted including thanking sponsors and partners and providing sponsorship benefit reports if required, maintain good  financial/budgeting systems and a critical analysis of the event to determine feasibility and what aspects could be incorporated into other events

Key Skills and Knowledge:

  •    Report writing and analysis skills.
  •    Highly self-motivated with the ability to work independently but also excellent teamwork spirit.
  •    Project and event management.
  •    Ability to provide a high level of communication with the media, partners, donors and sponsors.
  •    High level of time management and task-prioritizing skills. 

Qualifications / Experience:

   •   A relevant tertiary qualification in Marketing, Communications, Public Relations or Event Management
  •    Minimum three years experience in a marketing, communications events management role, particularly with a NGO or social enterprise.
  •    Relationship management experience to ensure the requirements of both KOTO and its sponsors are delivered.


Personal attributes:

  ●    High level of empathy and motivation
  ●    Positive attitude and disposition
  ●    Flexibility
  ●    Teamwork
  ●    Passion for KOTO and the development of disadvantaged young adults in Vietnam
  ●    Empathy and understanding
  ●    Knowledge of social, cultural and economic challenges in Vietnam.
  ●    Patience 
  ●    Initiative


Note: Due to the nature of the KOTO program, all staff are required to undergo a mandatory criminal record check, and sign and comply with KOTO policies, including its Child and Youth Protection Policy and its Code of Conduct, which includes ethics and anti-corruption compliance policies.   


Please read Staff Handbook for full conditions of employment and code of conduct.


Interested candidates are invited to send their CV and Cover letter to
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