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Donation Information


KOTO would like to thank you for your ongoing support and commitment towards our Trainee Sponsorship Program. Without the generosity of our loyal sponsors, such as you, we would not be able to do the work we do for Vietnam’s at-risk and disadvantaged youth.


KOTO depends on corporate and private funding for financial support for our trainees. We have been fortunate in the past to have sponsorship funding from loyal and committed sponsors and we are confident this year will be no different.


In order to secure the holistic wellbeing, training and life skills development of the KOTO trainees for the 24 months they are enrolled in our program, trainee sponsorship is US$150.00 per month. This new sponsorship rate is applied for sponsors who commence from the 15th of July 2015, your current sponsorship status will hold as current rate until your trainee is graduated. This is a small monthly increase over last year and represents the first time KOTO has increased trainee sponsorship in a decade. This new price is a better reflection of the reality of the costs associated with provisions such as healthcare and psychosocial support such as counselling or sports activities.


Our individual and corporate sponsors will receive the following:


1. A welcome pack from KOTO with KOTO background and the sponsored trainee’s profile and training program
2. Progress reports every 6 months about the sponsored trainee
3. An invitation to join the trainees and their families at their Graduation Ceremony
4. On completion of the 24-month program, a certificate of appreciation will be awarded to honour and acknowledge your contribution and commitment to the youth of Vietnam


Our sponsorship program encourages meaningful relationship building between trainees and sponsors in order that you and the trainee each have a positive and fulfilling experience.


Being a trainee sponsor means witnessing and giving the right encouragement to a KOTO trainee to learn and grow into an empowered, employable and capable individual.


For further information, please contact Ms Huong Dang, Sponsorship Coordinator, via email at: or by mobile at: +61 452 110 762.


Thank you for your continuing support of our work and our youth in Vietnam.



Material In-Kind Donations​

KOTO values all offers of support; however, be advised that KOTO is not able to receive unscheduled material in-kind donations.


KOTO strictly requires advance notice, approval, and scheduling to receive any material in-kind donations, such as books, appliances, or furniture.


For information contact:

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