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Sponsorships & Engagement Executive

Mission Statement

To empower at-risk youth to pursue lives of dignity by providing life-skills, training and opportunity.


Vision Statement

As a social enterprise we strive to provide positive permanent change for at-risk and disadvantaged youth through the transformative power of social enterprise.


Culture Statement

We are a family who cares about all others, and where big smiles bring promise of love, compassion and security. We work hard because we believe we can make a difference. We work hard because we love our organization for all it represents.


Value Statement

KOTO is built on shared family values between staff, trainees and alumni. This creates the synergy necessary to deliver effective and meaningful training and livelihood creation for at-risk and disadvantaged youth by staff that are committed to—and believe in—the project and the need to engage youth in society. The KOTO philosophy is ingrained in our name: “Know one, teach one” and is the underlying principle behind our expectations of staff, trainees and alumni. Staff, trainees and alumni will show and practice respect and dignity for one another, and our donors, partners and supporters.


We believe in a just environment for all who come into contact with KOTO. We are deeply committed to excellence and taking pride in our work and mission. We also believe in and practice the following values:


Justice – Community – Respect – Teamwork – Performance


Position Description:

Sponsorships & Engagement Executive


Meet sponsorship targets

Build and maintain relationships with trainees, sponsors and external stakeholders.


Reporting Structure:

This position reports directly to the Head of Marketing & Partnership Engagement.

Key Working Relations:

Internal:  KOTO trainees and all KOTO staff.

External:  Service providers and community service partners.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Build relationships with trainee sponsors: Initiate and maintain regular contact with trainees’ sponsors to ensure building positive relationships and ongoing support.

  • Meet sponsorship targets: Work to achieve and sustain a 100% target of trainee sponsorship.

  • Respond to and initiate new sponsors: Provide a point of contact for sponsor enquiries, providing information and seeking new contacts.

  • Reports: Develop and implement reporting systems for trainee sponsorships. Report efficiently and effectively to KOTO stakeholders and the Board of Directors as required.

  • Work with trainees to ensure appropriate correspondence: Assist trainees with their letters to sponsors, engage trainees to proactively build relationship with sponsors and make sure all correspondence is aligned.

  • Monitor two-way communication: Read and review all communication, acting as a screening point to ensure communication from both parties is appropriate.

  • Review and update Trainee Sponsorship polices: Ensure policies are fair, reasonable and designed to protect all parties. Ensure policies are upheld.

  • Manage Campaign for sponsorship and donations: Define appropriate projects/campaign for sponsorship and donations, implement, manage and report donations campaign at KOTO Restaurants (Hanoi and Saigon) and other fundraising channels/platforms.

  • Work on Visual products:  Create creative briefs and write contents for any visual products for Trainee Sponsorships Program. Organise filming when required.

  • Internal liaison: As required, assist other team members when events are being organised.

  • Self: Manage self to maximise results.

  • Values & Ethos: Uphold the values of KOTO.


Key Skills and Knowledge:

  • Ability to identify, seek out and secure income from suitable sponsors.

  • Report writing and analysis skills.

  • Highly self-motivated with the ability to work independently but also excellent teamwork spirit.

  • Project management.

  • Ability to meet and exceed financial targets set by management team.

  • Ability to provide high level of communication to sponsor.

  • High level of time management and tasks prioritising skills.


Qualifications / Experience:

  • A relevant tertiary qualification in Sales & Marketing, Business and Commerce.

  • Minimum two-year- experience in a sales, business development, or sponsorship position (NGO or social enterprise experience preferred).

  • Relationship management experience to ensure the requirements of both KOTO and its sponsors are delivered.

Well-developed technical skills in the following areas:

  • IT Skills (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, AI, Photoshop)

  • Videographer/Photographer skills

  • Well-developed communication skills (written and oral) in both Vietnamese and English

Personal attributes:

  • High level of empathy and motivation

  • Positive attitude and disposition

  • Creative and innovative

  • Passionate in social enterprise model

  • Honest &


Please read Staff Handbook for full conditions of employment and code of conduct.

Interested candidates are invited to send their CV and Cover letter to:
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