Xin chao, Hanoi!

17 May Blog by Nguyen Ha Giang
PR & Communications Manager

In May 2013 four trainees of KOTO Saigon had an unforgettable experience.

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A New Phase in the KOTO Story

On the evening of 3 April 2013, the revamped KOTO Saigon Restaurant shined like a diamond. The venue for the launch of KOTO’s new businesses together with new restaurant menu, new website, new logo and complete rebranding, was truly the star of the show.
The new low and warm lights, the indulgent ambience and the soft music immediately eased the 75 invited guests from the stress and the fatigues of the day, promising a charming and conversant evening.

The theme of the night was “One big step to sustainability”, a title reminding supporters and friends that the path to become sustainable is a long one, but that is the goal KOTO wants to attain and now, a big step has been taken towards that direction.

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Happy Lunar New Year

Dear Friends of KOTO!
The Year of the Dragon proved to be an immensely challenging year for KOTO in the wake of escalating economic hurdles. Yet, through unified perseverance, steadfast commitment to our objectives and utter love for the youth we nurture and empower, we managed to tame the beast....

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Jimmy's Blog November 2012

It has been so long since my last message shared on blog. It has been  busy with so many events happening at KOTO.
November 2012, a month to remember
24 months ago when I first welcomed class 18 to KOTO family, I still remembered how lacking in confidence they were and of concerns they had.  I...

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Graduation 2012 Jimmy's Speech

Mrs. Pham, Ambassadors, distinguished guests, KOTO alumni, staff, trainees, friends, supporter's ladies and gentlemen.

The KOTO program is now into its 13th year and who would have believed that there are now over 400 graduates and 200 trainees currently enrolled in to the KOTO family.


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It's More Than Just Graduation

MORE than just a graduation ...it's a validation

Each year, KOTO alumni, friends and staff all come together to celebrate the most important date of the KOTO calendar.

The kids practice hard for the dance piece for about 8 months already, the international flight tickets are booked from our...

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