Founder Social Enterprise KOTO Receives Honorable Award

KOTO Founder and Executive Chairman Jimmy Pham Viet Tuan AM has...

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Jimmy Pham AM Receives 5th Ilga Award

The 5th Ilga Award Recipient Jimmy Pham AM hopes to help the youth...

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Jimmy Pham Receives Award in Korea

Founder of social enterprise KOTO to receive honorable award for...

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  • Midwinter Music for KOTO

    Melbourne Midwinter Music for KOTO Enjoy an evening of live music by some of melbourne’s talented young (and not so young!) musicians Why: All proceeds will go towards the running of the KOTO...

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  • Dream Bottle Ceremony - Class 25

    The Dream Bottle ceremony on 14th July marked a memorable milestone for all trainees in class 25. This was a special commitment from all the trainees of Class 25 to the KOTO program and to...

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Xin chao, Hanoi!

17 May Blog by Nguyen Ha GiangPR & Communications Manager In May 2013 four trainees of KOTO Saigon had an unforgettable experience.

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