Founder Social Enterprise KOTO Receives Honorable Award

KOTO Founder and Executive Chairman Jimmy Pham Viet Tuan AM has...

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Jimmy Pham AM Receives 5th Ilga Award

The 5th Ilga Award Recipient Jimmy Pham AM hopes to help the youth...

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Jimmy Pham Receives Award in Korea

Founder of social enterprise KOTO to receive honorable award for...

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  • 2014 KOTO International Bike Ride

    To coincide with KOTO Hanoi Bike Ride 2014, KOTO International Team held a bike ride in Melbourne on 8 November 2014. The team included the Management Board, alumni and supporters. We started our...

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  • KOTO Bike Ride 2014

    KOTO BIKE RIDE 2014 Have you been waiting for the Hanoi’s best bike ride event of 2014? Join 2014 KOTO BIKE RIDE to participate in the most exciting ride on Saturday, November 08th in support...

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